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> That's certainly what the FSF would prefer you do, yes.
> However, there are a few things to consider:
> 1) It's not clear that the FSF's copyright on the GPL allows you to
> borrow text from it for your license.  I believe it does not.
> 2) It will be harder to figure out how a license constructed as you
> propose differs from the GPL and may be harder to analyze such a
> license.
> Keep in mind that the FSF, authors of the FAQ you point to want to make
> it hard to "fork" the GPL both because they would rather you simply pick
> the GPL and because they want to discourage license proliferation.
> There's nothing wrong with those goals; as an example Debian almost
> certainly wants to discourage license proliferation too.
> But those goals do create a certain bias in what the FSF recommends.

I agree with what you say here.

> In either case, I think we're well beyond the scope of this list.

Yes.   :-)

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