Il giorno lun 3 ott 2022 alle ore 21:50 Simon McVittie <> ha
> On Mon, 03 Oct 2022 at 21:12:50 +0200, Roberto A. Foglietta wrote:
> > Are you referring to the special permission given by e-mail by Donald
> > in 2003?
> I think you're misreading the copyright file. Randall Donald is a Debian
> contributor who asked Nvidia for permission to redistribute their driver,
> and got a reply (which is quoted in the copyright file) from someone
> named Andy.

Thanks Simon for this clarification but it is not enough yet and I will
quickly explain to you why.

Could you bring to our attention the original e-mail or the name/e-mail
address of Andy working for nVidia, please?

Because the e-mail address does not exist anymore and he
does not reply by Linkedin.

I personally spoke with a USA nVidia manager about licensing in a video
conference call and he assured me that the only way to legally receive the
nVidia software is downloading from their website.

Moreover, he was acknowledged that the aim was to use Debian. It might
happen that everybody in the two teams was wrong but why not suggest to
rely directly on Debian, then? It would have been great.

Best, R-

P.S.: forget the other email without the reply to the m-list, thanks.

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