On Wed, 2023-03-22 at 23:47 +0300, undef wrote:

> ** License of the complete work **
> You may use GeneralUser GS without restriction for your own music 
> creation, private or commercial.  This SoundFont bank is provided to the 
> community free of charge.  Please feel free to use it in your software 
> projects, and to modify the SoundFont bank or its packaging to suit your 
> needs.

I'm not comfortable with how this mentions specific ways the soundfont
can be used; "your own music creation", "in your software". What about
other people's music or other people's software? This is especially
problematic for collaboratively produced open source software.

> ** License of contained samples **
>  I cannot be 100% sure where all of the samples originated
> Could you say, is "License of contained samples" allowable for Debian or 
> such files are fully non-allowed?

I don't think this license would pass ftp-master review, there is too
much uncertainty about the provenance and license of the samples.



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