>>>>> "Andrius" == Andrius Merkys <mer...@debian.org> writes:

    Andrius> Hello, [Please keep me in CC, I am not subscribed]

    Andrius> I encountered a package EvoEF2 [1] which is licensed under
    Andrius> Expat and has the following in its README.md:

    Andrius> "EvoEF2 is free to academic users."

    Andrius> To me such limitation seems to contradict the Expat
    Andrius> license, but I wonder what is the legal opinion about such
    Andrius> combination. I know that I can always ask the upstream for
    Andrius> clarification which I did earlier when the restriction was:

I mean under xpat, it's certainly free for academic users, and it's also
free for everyone else.

Unless that statement in the readme is in a section called license or
otherwise claims to be a license, I'd treat it as xpat and move on with
Sometimes the best approach to licensing is to take a defensible
position and not to try and find problems.

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