>>>>> "Johannes" == Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues <jo...@debian.org> writes:
    >> In such situations we have sometimes had success reaching out to
    >> companies and negotiating something.

    Johannes> Who is usually doing this reaching out? Individual DDs
    Johannes> like myself or official representatives like the DPL?

I think for Nvidia it was individual DDs a long time ago.
Asking the DPL for help is certainly reasonable, and if you need legal
resources to review an agreement Debian can in theory help with that.
Although the turn around time for actual lawyer review has how shall we
say been variable for a variety of factors.

    Johannes> The non-free binary blobs covered by this license apply to
    Johannes> popular platforms like the IMX8MQ (which is used by the
    Johannes> purism librem5 phone and the mnt reform laptop) as well as
    Johannes> anything with a cadence edp chip like the LS2028A.

I'd reach out to DDs working for Purism and see if they have any advice
and how they approached this.
They may already have a contact.

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