Package: lintian
Version: 2.5.73

On Sun, Feb 04, 2018 at 03:36:45PM +0530, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Some results coming in:
> Thoughts?

Randomly checked few packages and they were mostly all fpos:
    Ok, this is crazy, he deserves what he got for being too clever with
    make :D
    Not sure why this is matched, I thought it wouldn't have been:
    |   dh_auto_test --no-parallel
    Similar to the previous:
    |   dh_auto_test -- VERBOSE=1
    Also similar:
    |   dh_auto_test || echo "Ignoring test failures"
    This seems to be a recurring pattern:
    |   # Disable dh_auto_test at build time
    |   :
    I believe this is going the be another recurring pattern:
    |   echo "Skip dh_auto_test because the tests rely on a display which is 
not there"

Whilst true that the last two technically should deal with
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck, I believe running a single `:` or a single
`echo` should be considered fine.

In my random pick, I saw this real positive:
|       make -C tests all
|       GI_TYPELIB_PATH=tests LD_LIBRARY_PATH=tests xvfb-run dh_auto_test
I recommend to add a similar thing to the testsuite, as this one is
*also* calling dh_auto_test, but it should still handle
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck by hand.

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