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> > Very quick visual check: All I've seen use dh_auto_test, either with
> > some variables or with some actions before or after.
> If there are actions before or after dh_auto_test then it may still be
> "unsafe":  

Yes, they may, or they may not.

Second cursory visual check:

Mostly `mkdir -p $(BUILDHOME)'.
Some `mv file file.bak' before and the opposite afterwards. A `chmod'
or two of an existing file.

Ok, +/- 2 hardcoded `make test'.
2 hits for over 300 false positives sound like there's room for

> I've seen package running `make -C test` before dh_auto_test,
> that one should be skipped if DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck.


> Or that try to move some test artifact after dh_auto_test: that would
> actually cause a ftbfs if dh_auto_test did nothing.

Yup, I've seen this in other packages.

> The only "safe" cases of command that are fine to run in an
> override_dh_auto_test are : and echo (if not redirected to a file).

Here I disagree. 


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