Hi,>  # apt-get install python3-jinja2 python3-debian python3-setuptools

>  $ git clone 
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/users/kaction-guest/debtemplate.git
>  $ cd debtemplate && python3 setup.py install --user

I don't like installing stuff with no debian packaging

copied the sources in an example package
PYTHONPATH=. ./bin/debtemplate rfs

>- Is it useful for anyone but me?

really nice

>- Should it be packaged as native Debian package?

I guess so

>- What changes are required for it?
>- Are there persons, who are interested in improving it, like adding
>   code, specific for languages I do not use (Java, Ruby, Erlang)?

I tried it with two different packages and I really like it!

Just a nitpick/request:
{% if upload_count == 1 -%}

this makes impossible to understand an ITP when the maintainer badly
adds many revisions to changelog
(e.g.  when the maintainer grabs the changelog from a ppa or somewhere else)

I would suggest adding an rmadison -u debian packagename to see if it is
already part of Debian or not

Just my little 2 cents, and I would be happy to propose/advertise/sponsor such
tool if Paul has the same opinion we might even add some wording in mentors rfs
page :)



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