I would like to anounce debtemplate, script I use to fill in RFS and
ITP requests. The common method according to mentors.debian.org is to
copy-and-edit template, which often results in incomplete or
inconsistent requests.

In contrast, debtemplate, invoked from root of source package,
collects many information, like licenses, urls, homepage, author,
changelog automatically. Also implementation language is inferred from
build dependencies to a certain extend.

In current state it has little error checking -- for example, non
dep-5 debian/copyright would result in not-so user-friendly python

If you want to try:

  # apt-get install python3-jinja2 python3-debian python3-setuptools
  $ git clone 
  $ cd debtemplate && python3 setup.py install --user

Now you change directory to root of some source package, like:

  $ apt-get source runit
  $ cd runit-2.1.2
  $ debtemplate rfs
  [pretty report on stdout, suited for piping to sendmail]

I anounce it to resolve following questions:

 - Is it useful for anyone but me?
 - Should it be packaged as native Debian package?
 - What changes are required for it?
 - Are there persons, who are interested in improving it, like adding
   code, specific for languages I do not use (Java, Ruby, Erlang)?

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