On Thu, 01 Dec 2016 19:21:32 +0500, Andrey Rahmatullin wrote:

> > forwarding issue to debian-mentors
> As there is not enough data in the message, I'm assuming it's about the
> published repo.
> The upstream/2.4.0 tag is not merged into master so the debian/2.4.0-*
> tags are not its descendants. This will not work properly.
> Try merging that tag into master now, before importing the new version,
> this will probably help.

Ack, in my experience that's the "default" problem, that the latest
upstream tag isn't merged into the master and/or upstream branch(es).

But recently I've also seen this kind of error
> > gbp:info: Merging to 'master'
> > gbp:error: Automatic merge failed.
> > gbp:error: Error detected, Will roll back changes.
> > gbp:info: Rolling back branch upstream by resetting it to 
> > be323245ea77f0e457e3d42c83b58a82f67ca0f2
> > gbp:info: Rolling back branch pristine-tar by resetting it to 
> > 4379fc7d56641c4c4ee7612c48385c8927fac5c8
> > gbp:info: Rolling back tag upstream/6.1.20160908 by deleting it
> > gbp:info: Rolling back branch master by resetting it to 
> > 7c27f101e5f5bcc188d55a67a5d11ead7dbbe62c
> > gbp:info: Rolling back failed merge of upstream/6.1.20160908
> > gbp:error: Rolled back changes after import error.

when all tags and branches looked fine, and I didn't understand what
was going on. In those cases it helped to add '--merge-mode=replace'
to `gbp import-orig ...'.


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