On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 04:35:01PM +0100, gregor herrmann wrote:
> > As there is not enough data in the message, I'm assuming it's about the
> > published repo.
> > The upstream/2.4.0 tag is not merged into master so the debian/2.4.0-*
> > tags are not its descendants. This will not work properly.
> > Try merging that tag into master now, before importing the new version,
> > this will probably help.
> Ack, in my experience that's the "default" problem, that the latest
> upstream tag isn't merged into the master and/or upstream branch(es).
The other kind of problems is upstream files changed in the master branch
(last time it was .gitignore generated by some tool but mistakes can
happen too). Thsi can easily be checked with `git diff --stat upstream/1.42 

> But recently I've also seen this kind of error
> > > gbp:info: Merging to 'master'
> > > gbp:error: Automatic merge failed.
> > > gbp:error: Error detected, Will roll back changes.
> > > gbp:info: Rolling back branch upstream by resetting it to 
> > > be323245ea77f0e457e3d42c83b58a82f67ca0f2
> > > gbp:info: Rolling back branch pristine-tar by resetting it to 
> > > 4379fc7d56641c4c4ee7612c48385c8927fac5c8
> > > gbp:info: Rolling back tag upstream/6.1.20160908 by deleting it
> > > gbp:info: Rolling back branch master by resetting it to 
> > > 7c27f101e5f5bcc188d55a67a5d11ead7dbbe62c
> > > gbp:info: Rolling back failed merge of upstream/6.1.20160908
> > > gbp:error: Rolled back changes after import error.
> when all tags and branches looked fine, and I didn't understand what
> was going on. In those cases it helped to add '--merge-mode=replace'
> to `gbp import-orig ...'.
Well, the main problem is that gbp doesn't show the conflict details.
--no-rollback should be useful here.


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