On Mon, Aug 07, 2017 at 06:10:05PM +0200, Federico Brega wrote:
> > Patch headers should be in the DEP-3 format (lintian tells that).
> Now I have to ask for the option needed for lintian to tell that.
It only tells that in the description of tag which is emitted when there
is no header at all.

> > doc/manual.html says it's autogenerated from a LyX source yet the source
> > and a way to regenerate it from that source are not included. This is a
> > DFSG violation.
> It's not auto-generated, but generated. I use LyX as my editor, it saves
> the file in an internal format, and I export it to html.
> I don't see any violation to DFSG ยง2, which is the closes to the subject.
Are you editing .html directly?

> > The same for cyclograph/qt/cyclograph_rc.py which is pyrcc5-generated.
> I agree more on this, because the resource file is a kind of binary /
> obfuscated code. It contains only artworks and the same html files used
> by cyclograph-gtk3. If the generation process has to be done in debian
> I don't think a new upstream release can be avoided, because the file
> needed to build the resource file is not distributed in the tar.
Sure, that's what I've said.

> We'll try to have the package working with no resource file installed at all,
I don't think it's possible or a good idea, but whatever.
> but would it be acceptable to have it in the source package or a repack
> would be needed?
Sourceless files shouldn't be in the source package even if they are not

> > The GUIs still have a "Check online" checkbox which is even on by default
> > even if it has no effect, it should be hidden.
> Ok, thanks for the care you are giving to this package.
> To fix this a patch or a new upstream release is required. Are both options
> acceptable?
Which both options?


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