On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 4:14 PM, Miroslav Kravec wrote:

> Could you please provide the name of the policy? I've just read it,
> and I haven't found one.

Debian Free Software Guidelines item 2:


2. Source Code

The program must include source code, and must allow distribution in
source code as well as compiled form.

>  - Generated files, which is fine, as long as there's corresponding
> original form

In general, these should be removed from the upstream VCS and tarballs
and always built from the source.

Exceptions may apply, for example:

When the build takes a month or longer, but the build results should
ship in separate tarballs to source.

When the build requires specific hardware, but the build results
should ship in separate tarballs to source.

autotools, but packages should autoreconf. Personally, I would like to
autotools move to a model of shipping the autoreconf results in a
separate tarball.

>  - Source missing, which is fine too, because it's not missing, it's in 
> package

This isn't ideal because it usually results in static linking, which
means keeping track of when to rebuild the packages using the source,
which Debian does not yet do.

> I got interested in this, as I want to use a tool, which isn't
> packaged in debian. And upstream considers it to be a good idea to
> include tool's sources into project, where it's used. I like more
> clean solution - get the tool packaged into debian, then use the tool
> in my project.

That is a different scenario, it is an embedded code copy:




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