I ran ratt, 31 of 729 packages genuinely FTBFS due to doxygen 1.8.15.
More details here:

All these failures are related to an issue with texlive-base 2018.20190126-1:
and ultimately due to the latex tabu extension:

With the help of Hilmar Preu├če I patched doxygen so that is builds, and
(almost always) generates tex files that are parseable by pdflatex from
texlive-base 2018.20190126-1.
This at the cost of producing ugly-looking PDFs, while we wait for a
properly fixed tabu.

With those fixes 20 of the failing packages above build fine.
toulbar2 now FTBFS due to new latex even without new doxygen.
We are left with 10 (in order of decreasing popcon):
hwloc   13658   
fltk1.3 12796   
uhd     1119
wcslib  577     
ccfits  526     
qevercloud      285     
libstxxl        229     
caffe   171     
frobby  126     
starpu  11      

I will now file bugs with these 10 packages so that the maintainers are aware
of the issue.

The latest version of the package, ready for the upload to unstable, is here:


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