Hi Mattia,

On Wed, Aug 09, 2017 at 02:40:18PM +0200, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> > I have been maintaining the powerline package since 2014, and would like in 
> > the near future to adopt a handful more packages.
> According to my UDD query [1], there are only 15 uploads with his name
> in Changed-By, touching only 4 packages in total (and most of them are
> of the single package "powerline").

given that Jeroume was and is very much involved in organizing this DebConf
and was involved in the previous too, I actually don't think this surprising
nor little at all. Been there, done that, my NM process took 2 years also
because of DebConf… and iirc I was involved in an similar amount of packages
when I joined.
> Whilst I can see how contributing in the DebConf orga is a huge
> contribution to our community, I question your technical abilities.  Of
> the two advocacies, one said nothing about technical aspects, and the
> other is a generic "he is a DM => he has the needed background";
> besides, neither of them sponsored his uploads.

While I haven't sponsored his uploads I had several technical conversations
with him (not just now, but also last year at LibrePlanet and when visiting
Montreal afterwards) and combined with his "philosophical values" I'm also
very much convinced that he has the technical skills and knowledge to be
ready to start the DD process right now.

;tl;dr: I support Jerome Charaoui <jer...@riseup.net>'s request to become 
        Debian Developer, uploading, right now, after he had at least a
        week rest 8-)

> Having upload rights to the Debian archives means you will then be able
> to upload everything, and whilst I don't expect everybody to be able to
> understand everything, I do expect all DDs to have enough knowledge and
> abilities to be able to "find their way" in most packages, ability that
> I do not believe you have publicly proved.

Maybe not publically on the net… ;-p IOW: to me has proven it IRL.

> I'm more than happy to be proved wrong.

I hope you'll be happier now ;)


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