I like the idea of using a list (either this one or another dedicated
list, e.g. debian-outreach-applications) to handle the first contact
from each applicant so we can welcome them even if the mentor isn't
always available.

In my own listings, I added a tag "+mentor" to my email address so I am
less likely to miss any applicant.  However, I was also thinking that
such mechanisms could be used on the list so that people can distinguish
which emails are about which projects.

E.g. if the URL in the wiki is:


then the emails will all have subject "GSoC2018 Click-to-Dial".

We can go further: each mentor could announce their project with an
email to the list and then embed their message-ID in the mailto URI on
the wiki.  Then all the applicants to that mentor would be threaded,
even if they continued the discussion off-list.  Other users of the list
could more easily follow or ignore threads as they please.

Does anybody have a strong objection to this?

Maybe I start with the calendar project, because that project is already
running as part of Outreachy as well so there are several people on the
list who can greet applicants.



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