On 22/02/18 21:00, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Feb 2018, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> On 22/02/18 20:17, Alexander Wirt wrote:
>>> On Mon, 19 Feb 2018, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I like the idea of using a list (either this one or another dedicated
>>>> list, e.g. debian-outreach-applications) to handle the first contact
>>>> from each applicant so we can welcome them even if the mentor isn't
>>>> always available.
>>>> In my own listings, I added a tag "+mentor" to my email address so I am
>>>> less likely to miss any applicant.  However, I was also thinking that
>>>> such mechanisms could be used on the list so that people can distinguish
>>>> which emails are about which projects.
>>>> E.g. if the URL in the wiki is:
>>>> mailto:debian-outreach@lists.debian.org?subject=GSoC2018%20Click-to-Dial
>>>> then the emails will all have subject "GSoC2018 Click-to-Dial".
>>>> We can go further: each mentor could announce their project with an
>>>> email to the list and then embed their message-ID in the mailto URI on
>>>> the wiki.  Then all the applicants to that mentor would be threaded,
>>>> even if they continued the discussion off-list.  Other users of the list
>>>> could more easily follow or ignore threads as they please.
>>>> Does anybody have a strong objection to this?
>>> Fix your links please and don't tell people to create alioth users. Alioth 
>>> is
>>> dead and such users will stop working on first may. 
>> I'll fix it, but I'm sure there are other pages linking to it.  When it
>> stops, will those URLs be redirected?
> No. 

The links are fixed, thanks

Could a subset of the alioth web server logs, with mangled IP addresses,
be published somewhere publicly to see if anybody wants to crowdsource
the effort to create a list of redirects?



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