>> > hence no reason to allow for a transition to testing. Moreover, I
>> > promise that pymvpa will not attempt such thing ;-)
>> What about Sphinx 0.4.3? Does it mean we will not try to unblock it?
> Sphinx 0.4.3 is the classic example: It causes more trouble than it
> fixed. For example try building pymvpa's docs with it -- it completely
> fails since sphinx 0.4.3 is not able to find any figures. It works with
> lenny's version and 0.5 though...

Ok, what is the result of this thread? People need the new numpy and
then scipy in Debian, I start getting emails about it.

There are the following options:

1) do nothing until Lenny releases and then upload to unstable
2) upload to unstable and remove the sphinx docs
3) upload to experimental
  3a) keep the sphinx docs (sphinx is in experimental)
  3b) remove the sphinx docs

I'd prefer 2). But Bernd discouraged me to do that, unless I am sure
the new upload won't break anything. But it's a new upstream release,
I think we can be almost sure it will break something -- but imho
nothing that couldn't be fixed easily.


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