Ondrej Certik <ond...@certik.cz> (05/02/2009):
> Ok. But we are wasting people's time. I just got another email from a
> Ubuntu user that he will rather consider compiling it for Ubuntu's PPA
> himself, because he cannot use debian experimental. Of course.
> So he needs to invest his time in the package, I need to invest my
> time in the package and the result is that it will not even be in
> unstable anyway. :(

(Following at home, so I might be missing something obvious.)

What's the difference between unstable and experimental from that Ubuntu
user point of view? If the use of a PPA is what I think it is, he has to
fetch the source, be it from unstable or from experimental, throw it
into the *builder of his choice, and upload that to the so-called PPA.

How much time does he need to dget && *builder && dput? That's not what
I call “invest time in the package”.

And not breaking unstable at this point of the release cycle is
something that matters, especially for late hotfixes that might be
needed (and there still are such needs).


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