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> [Barry Warsaw, 2015-09-29]
>> How should the change be acknowledged by the
>> maintainer?  Should I Cc the mailing list when I contact the maintainer?  Is
> do we really need a written policy how to contact fellow co-maintainer?
> Ping on IRC, send an email, send a message via xmpp or phone, ... use
> whatever you usually use to contact any other Debian maintainer.
> An example message:
> "I just commited some changes in foo related to bar. Please take a look,
> I plan to upload it to unstable in a day or two. Let me know if I should
> wait a bit longer or if you're not OK with these changes. Thanks"
> I think such message to all Uploaders who clearly know more about given
> package than I do is a good practice even if team is listed in
> Maintainer field. I don't think sending such message after fixing a typo
> is needed, but it's definitely a must when someone replaces dh with
> cdbs or vice versa.
>> it okay to commit to vcs but not upload?  How long do you wait for feedback
>> before you can do the upload?
> yes, it's always OK to commit changes (which can be reverted). It's not OK
> to force someone else to maintain these changes by uploading it.
>> Should we have some automated tools to help out here?  I'm not sure where to
> no, we already have -commits mailing list which nobody reads. Yet
> another reason why team should be in Uploaders and not in Maintainer
> field.
>> Do all team members understand the implications when they set the two fields?
>> Some maintainers may not really care and may have been less conscientious
>> about setting the fields.
> Maintainer vs Uploaders rules needs to be moved to policy. I will
> propose a patch to the policy soon (I'd prefer a native speaker to do
> it, though)
>> The wiki says that the general rule of thumb is to set the team as 
>> Maintainer,
>> to which I agree.
> I don't (due to "package and forget" issue)

+1 on everything you wrote

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