On Oct 05, 2015, at 02:51 PM, Thomas Goirand wrote:

>In other distributions (Red Hat and Ubuntu), everyone is aware of this
>kind of issue before uploading, and this kinds of things don't happen.

Ubuntu at least does have a technical solution that helps ameliorate
archive-wide breakages, and that is -proposed migration.  When you upload
e.g. to wily, it gets diverted to wily-proposed and to get promoted it has to
pass a number of tests.  The package and their reverses have to build.  DEP-8
tests have to pass, etc.  You can get a nice report about which -proposed
promotions are failing:


The downside is that you should probably be proactively checking this list
(poll vs ping) and it can sometimes be difficult to figure out why a promotion
fails or how to fix it.

But this does mean that the archive itself is very rarely broken, and it can
be a convenient way to stage package updates that may have effects in parts of
the archive you might not be aware of.


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