On 10/05/2015 11:17 PM, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> On Oct 06, 2015, at 07:00 AM, Robert Collins wrote:
>> The things you listed that I help maintain - mock, testtools, etc -
>> are *not* OpenStack specific. They existed before OpenStack, and
>> likely will exist after. They have other users, particularly mock
>> which is very widely used.
> I intensely dislike the separation between OS and DPMT, for exactly this
> reason.  Too many packages of general use to Python developers is out of reach
> of DPMT.  I thought it was mostly a vcs-induced separation

It was indeed.

> but now I think
> it's clear that even after DPMT moves to git, this separation will continue.

Unfortunately, yes. Of course, I do want to keep my write accesses for
these packages, so even if it was my intention to put them all under the
DPMT, I don't see how it can happen now. I wouldn't even be able to
write the packages in /git/python-modules if I wanted to...

Thought everyone is welcome in the PKG OpenStack team, and it is
accepted for anyone to commit, or even upload, as long as it doesn't
break everything at once (and even if you do, it's ok, we'll just figure
out together how to revert...).

>> So I'm +1 on "Check reverse deps aren't significantly broken before
>> uploading to unstable" as a general principle, not as an OpenStack
>> specific thing.
> +1 also

Sure. That's not at all OpenStack specific.

> but it's always going to be a spot check for sanity so things will
> fall through the cracks.  Until we get something like the promotion tests, we
> just have to commit ourselves to being diligent within reason before
> uploading, and responsible to help fix breakages after they're discovered.

Is the proposal to have a CI that would rebuild packages for us against
a proposed update, so it can be tested before an upload?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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