On 10/06/2015 01:43 PM, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> On Tuesday, October 06, 2015 09:24:42 AM Thomas Goirand wrote:
>> On 10/06/2015 02:12 AM, Scott Kitterman wrote:
>>> As I said up thread, I think a break from the team will be helpful for you
>>> to re-engage productively.
>> I wrote it to you privately. You can't just tell that it's going to be a
>> temporary ban, without giving a timeline. You avoided to answer my
>> question. I have no proposal of a way to return either. Just saying that
>> I can return later to keep your face and appear as a good person in this
>> thread will *not* cut it.
>> And no, I do not wish to send patches to Piotr. If I had to do this way
>> (ie: ask someone to commit for me), I would choose anyone but him.
> My apologies for losing track of what what in what thread.  It's a lot of 
> messages, but I should have kept it straight.
> I think that any return to the team should be based on demonstrated work 
> that's consistent with the team's way of working.  Someone will have to 
> review 
> it. You have an offer from one of the team admins to do so.

You're still avoiding to answer what are the conditions for me to get
back in the team.

> Please take a step back from being so emotionally involved in what's going on.

Easy to say, after being called a bad team player, a liar (both
implicitly publicly, and explicitly privately), and questioning the
amount of work I've been doing.

I probably have more Python modules in my QA page than all the persons
involved in this thread... *combined*! No, it's not a competition, and
in fact, I would have loved to share this workload with the team,
because I have too many. But now I can't anymore. This is in fact what
made me really sad. Hopefully, I'll find ways to still keep-up, and
another place to find contributors, and ways to get my contributions to
the DPMT packages.

> Piotr didn't take the action he took in order to personally attack you.  He 
> took it as a necessary step to protect the team's working.

There's many ways to "protect the team's working". One way could have
been to try to cool things down, ask me to revert, which I would have.
Instead, he immediately jumped on the idea of kicking me away,
highlighting the fact that it's been hitching him to do so for some
years. All this, without taking the time to discuss the mater with me (I
don't call 3 few lines on IRC a discussion). This isn't a good
leadership and a friendly behavior.

I wonder if it isn't up to the admins of this team to step back a little

> I know you don't 
> agree with it (and I don't expect you to), but he's also said he'll help you 
> with getting things back to you being in the team.
> Don't reject that offer because you're angry.

Are you seriously considering that I try to get closer with Piotr, and
suffer from even more patronizing? For both our mental health, that's a
very bad idea.

I still have no answer to that very simple question of what's the
condition (or timing) for me to get back in the team. Please answer it.


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