[Thomas Goirand, 2015-10-06]
> You're still avoiding to answer what are the conditions for me to get
> back in the team.

he did answer and I did as well (see my first private email to you).

One more time: you were removed from the team because you promise to
change behaviour and then repeat the same mistakes again (and I'm not
talking only about uploads, there were "just" few that really upset other
maintainers AFAIK).

I talked with you in in private about it during DC13 and DC14, I didn't
during DC15 (apparently nobody complained about your help shortly before
or nobody notified me).

A promise is NOT enough anymore, sorry. I will also not give you any
number (as you requested) because it's not about playing nice for X days.

> Easy to say, after being called a bad team player, a liar (both
> implicitly publicly, and explicitly privately), and questioning the

so it's the first time this happened and nobody had any issues with your
help before as you suggest?

> I probably have more Python modules in my QA page than all the persons
> involved in this thread... *combined*! No, it's not a competition, and

it's about quantity and not about quality then? I prefer to have more
maintainers with few packages only rather than having those with over 50
(yes, I think I maintain too many packages)

> in fact, I would have loved to share this workload with the team,
> because I have too many. But now I can't anymore. This is in fact what

share is fine, force us to use your workflow/tools/goals and timeline is not

> > Piotr didn't take the action he took in order to personally attack you. He
> > took it as a necessary step to protect the team's working.
> There's many ways to "protect the team's working". One way could have
> been to try to cool things down, ask me to revert, which I would have.

it didn't work before, why should it work this time?

> Instead, he immediately jumped on the idea of kicking me away,

not immediately, I wanted to do the same what I did previous times, but
after reading your comments I just lost hope.

> I wonder if it isn't up to the admins of this team to step back a little
> bit.

no problem at all, if team is not happy with me, I can step back
(I admit that I cannot keep up with all admin tasks anyway)

> Are you seriously considering that I try to get closer with Piotr, and
> suffer from even more patronizing? For both our mental health, that's a
> very bad idea.

sorry to hear that, but it doesn't supprise me to be honest as you don't
want to work with me even in package we both co-maintain (and I might
not be the most polite person on IRC or this mailing list, but I never
refused to help someone especially when asked about tools I wrote)
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