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> On 10/06/2015 06:21 PM, Piotr Ożarowski wrote:
> >> I probably have more Python modules in my QA page than all the persons
> >> involved in this thread... *combined*! No, it's not a competition, and
> > 
> > it's about quantity and not about quality then? I prefer to have more
> > maintainers with few packages only rather than having those with over 50
> > (yes, I think I maintain too many packages)
> There we go again, gratuitous accusation with no facts behind.
> >> in fact, I would have loved to share this workload with the team,
> >> because I have too many. But now I can't anymore. This is in fact what

my point is that you could argue that your packages are better maintained than
ours (less bug reports, wider Python 3 support, newest upstream releases, more
popcon users, ...) but you choose the fact that you maintain more of
them... and then admit you cannot keep up

> You forced everyone to keep using SVN even after a vote for Git, and

you mean I enforced our policy which clearly mentions SVN only? guilty!
you mean I didn't notice a vote? guilty!

> after others went away because of this. You even refused to have the
> team as "Maintainer:" and a Git repository elsewhere, like in
> collab-maint (you even complained about this very recently).

you mean the fact that way more active members than you should not look
around the internet searching for packages and guess (point me to a
single documented one please) workflows? guilty!

you mean the fact that when I stopped doing that, our new team members
started using yet another workflows (which doesn't make the transition
easier)? guilty!

> Now, on my side, would you mind reminding everyone when I've forced
> anyone to use a particular workflow? Or are you referring to the git

at the very beginning of your membership didn't you use your own
workflows in DPMT packages (which you later moved to OpenStack)?

> workflow I'm using within PKG OpenStack? Let's say that's what you are
> referring to, then: I'm the one working on these, and (up to very
> recently) doing it all alone, so why is this a problem to use the
> workflow I found the most efficient?

you can use whatever you want, but if you want a team to work on these as
well you need to make it easier to contribute to other team members
(and use what team agreed to use)

> This was for the workflow, it probably also includes tooling.

yes, especially git-svn was causing pain (and I was shocked that you
didn't think it was a big deal that you removed my work we talked just
hours before you overwrote it for the first time and didn't fix it ever

> Would you mind telling what you are referring to?

I did some work in alembic package, then you decided to move it out from
DPMT to OpenStack (where I don't have access) and revert some of my work
(pybuild stuff) because "you don't understand it" without asking me for
any help.

BTW, please remove me from Uploaders, I cannot do that

PS I don't plan to read more about how evil I am (I already know that! :P),
   so if you think Thomas raises valid questions, please quote them for
   me (if possible, rephrase them)
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