On Oct 07, 2015, at 03:29 PM, Piotr Ożarowski wrote:

>[Barry Warsaw, 2015-10-07]
>> * Team in Maintainers is a strong statement that fully collaborative
>>   maintenance is preferred.  Anyone can commit to the vcs and upload as
>>   needed.  A courtesy email to Uploaders can be nice but not required.
>> * Team in Uploaders is a weak statement of collaboration.  Help in 
>> maintaining
>>   the package is appreciated, commits to vcs are freely welcomed, but before
>>   uploading, please contact the Maintainer for the green light.
>how about making it official and adding it to the policy?

I thought you had volunteered to do that (with native speaker review)?  I
previously mistakenly remembered Scott volunteering for that.

If not, I'm happy to do it.


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