On Oct 07 2015, Piotr Ożarowski <pi...@debian.org> wrote:
> I no longer think requiring contribution (the 3 months thing) is a good
> idea for DPMT (might be for a new team).
> I assume you all like other ideas, like no team in Maintainer, right?
> * team only in Uploaders field, the main contact (AKA Maintainer) has to
>   be real person (reason: nobody reads -team mailing list) + automatic
>   team subscription via script that sets up git repository
> * emails with all commits (diffs) made by someone not listed in Maintainer
>   are automatically sent to Maintainer

Sounds good to me.

> * when someone who is not listed in debian/control (i.e.
>   Maintainer/Uploaders) wants to upload team package - just commit
>   and upload to DELAYED/2 (in case of RC bug) or to DELAYED/7, no need
>   to notify anyone, because...

No opinion, I'd need a sponsor anyway.

> * removal¹ of packages (not person) from the team if there's no
>   contribution in 3 months in a row (and given person is not MIA, as in
>   active in other packages, for MIA ones: decide if someone wants to
>   take over or orphan the package, no more team packages that nobody
>   takes care of and no objections if someone takes over your package)
> [¹] as in upload to unstable without DPMT in Uploaders, repo stays in
>     case one decides come back

Not sure about that one. What would be gained by this? What if the
package is simply in good shape and doesn't need contributions?


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