[Barry Warsaw, 2015-10-07]
> >how about making it official and adding it to the policy?
> I thought you had volunteered to do that (with native speaker review)?  I
> previously mistakenly remembered Scott volunteering for that.
> If not, I'm happy to do it.

I meant to use your exact words, see attachment
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Index: python-modules-policy.rst
--- python-modules-policy.rst	(wersja 34513)
+++ python-modules-policy.rst	(kopia robocza)
@@ -54,14 +54,13 @@
 This enables the team to have an overview of its packages on the DDPO_website_.
-Thus if you bring some packages into the team, you can keep your name in
-the Maintainer field. You will receive bug reports and handle your package
-as usual except that other team members may help from time to time and/or
-take over when you're too busy.
+* Team in Maintainers is a strong statement that fully collaborative
+  maintenance is preferred. Anyone can commit to the vcs and upload as
+  needed. A courtesy email to Uploaders can be nice but not required.
-If you put the team in the Maintainer field, the package will be handled
-completely by the team and every member is invited to work on any
-outstanding issue.
+* Team in Uploaders is a weak statement of collaboration. Help in maintaining
+  the package is appreciated, commits to vcs are freely welcomed, but before
+  uploading, please contact the Maintainer for the green light.
 Team members who have broad interest should subscribe to the mailing list
 python-modules-t...@lists.alioth.debian.org whereas members who are only

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