On February 23, 2018 11:14:50 PM UTC, Harlan Lieberman-Berg 
<hlieber...@debian.org> wrote:
>Hello DPMT!
>In order to package some of the certbot DNS plugins, there are a
>couple of dependencies that currently aren't packaged for Debian.
>I'm happy to do the leg work for their initial packaging, but I wanted
>to check in to see if you'd be willing to have them maintained by your
>team in terms of updates, with the Let's Encrypt team acting as an
>uploader to help out here and there.
>Specifically, the packages are:
>python-cloudflare (RFP: #888799)
>python-dns-lexicon (RFP: #888800)
>python-tldextract (RFP: #888801)
>Let me know!

I think adding the packages is fine, but plan on doing most of the work on them 
yourself.  We don't have very many people working on general package updates.

Scott K

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