On Mon, 7 May 2018, Ben Finney wrote:

About a month ago, Matthias removed easy_install from setuptools.  I
have sent him a few mails and bugs asking about it, but I haven't
heard anything back.  Anyone know why he did it?  I have a package
that currently FTBFS because of it.  :(

Why does a source package *build* need to use ‘easy_install’? The source
package should not need any network access to build, all the source
should be in Debian source packages that are fetched before the build

Which package is the one that's failing to build now?

I guess I should have included that information.  :)

The source package in question is wxpython4.0. The reason I use easy_install is for installing the python2 version of the module as an egg. The reason I do this is because wxpython3.0 occupies the 'namespace' for the wx module for python2. In other words, both wxpython3.0 and wxpython4.0 have a 'wx' module for python2. In order to avoid a conflict, I install the wxpython4.0 version as an egg. The wxpython3.0 and wxpython4.0 modules are not drop-in compatible, so an update-alternatives solution doesn't make sense.


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