Scott Talbert <> writes:

> The source package in question is wxpython4.0. The reason I use
> easy_install is for installing the python2 version of the module as an
> egg.

Okay, so from that I understand that the Debian package is not invoking
‘easy_install’ to fetch files from the network.

>From what I remember, it is surprisingly difficult to convince
‘easy_install’ that it should never access the network, even when you
think you're only performing local operations. Probably it's best to
test this in a virtual machine isolated from the network, to be sure it

> The reason I do this is because wxpython3.0 occupies the 'namespace'
> for the wx module for python2. In other words, both wxpython3.0 and
> wxpython4.0 have a 'wx' module for python2. In order to avoid a
> conflict, I install the wxpython4.0 version as an egg.

How does that avoid the conflict — that is, what is the effect of
installing the egg such that a namespace conflict is avoided?

I ask because it is likely that today's Python has a better way of
achieving the effect you're wanting, so that ‘easy_install’ is not

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