Scott Talbert <> writes:

> Installing the egg means that all the wxpython4.0 files are installed
> under:
> /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/wxPython-4.0.1-py2.7-linux-amd64.egg
> Thus, any program or user who does an 'import wx' will get the
> wxpython3.0 module and if instead the wxpython4.0 module is desired,
> the user must manually insert the above path into sys.path or

That seems, based on the above description, to just arbitrarily declare
one version to be the default, and the other needs manual override by
the user.

If that's an accurate description of the effect you want, then you don't
need to do a special ‘easy_install’ usage, nor an Egg install. You can
instead install to a different location using the normal tools. See the
‘pybuild(1)’ manual page on how to specify installation locations when
installing the Python library.

That would not need anything different from the Debian package tools,
and you are then left in the same situation: the user needs to specify a
different import search path to choose the different library.

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