On Wed, 24 Jul 2019, Neil Williams wrote:

napsal: When removing leaf python2 packages for bullseye, is there

__modules__ package :)
      special that needs to be done, other than removing the
building of the
      python2 subpackage?

      For example, obsoleting of the old package or anything along
      those lines?

* check reverse-depends and "reverse-depends -b"
* remove from d/control
* remove from d/tests
* remove from d/rules
* check/remove d/python-* files
* test
* upload

Thanks.  The reason I asked about 'obsoleting' is because I wondered
about what will happen on the upgrade case.  Say, I remove python-foo
from bullseye.  When a user running buster with python-foo installed
upgrades to bullseye, what will happen?  Will apt try to remove

Not unless something actually Breaks: or Conflicts: or the user runs

If a leaf package bar changes from Depends: python-foo to python3-foo,
then python-foo will remain installed. There are lots of packages in
Stretch that are not in Buster. Upgrading leaves them in place unless
there is something which actively Conflicts: or Breaks: them. That's
why autoremove is so useful after dist-upgrade.

Assuming python 2 is removed from bullseye, upon an upgrade from buster to bullseye, I guess we are assuming python 2 would remain installed on upgraded systems?


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