On Tue, 30 Jul 2019, Thomas Goirand wrote:


út 23. 7. 2019 v 11:40 odesílatel Scott Talbert <s...@techie.net> napsal:
      When removing leaf python2 packages for bullseye, is there

__modules__ package :)
      special that needs to be done, other than removing the building
      of the
      python2 subpackage?

      For example, obsoleting of the old package or anything along
      those lines?

* check reverse-depends and "reverse-depends -b"
* remove from d/control
* remove from d/tests
* remove from d/rules
* check/remove d/python-* files
* test
* upload

After doing the above, does anything have to be done to remove the
python2 binary package from the archive?

No. You must *not* add breaks or conflicts.

Is it removed automatically by
some sort of garbage collection or do I have to file a bug to have it

Do you mean, will python-foo be automatically removed from Sid/Testing,
after your upload? Normally yes, if nothing depends on it. And that's
probably harder to find out than one may think... :)

Yes, that's what I mean. The reason I ask is because I've done such an upload (with python-xyz removed), but this package hasn't disappeared from the python2-rm transition tracker. The specific package involved is concordance (python-libconcord was removed).


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