The python3-defaults with python3.8 as the default python3 has migrated to 
Testing thanks to the release team hammering things around until it went.

Most of the outstanding autipkgtest failures with python3.8 were fixed either 
in unstable or in git/BTS.  Here are the remaining issues that someone (who 
isn't me) should have a look at:

celery/4.2.1-5: #952217 autorm 4/13
circlator/1.5.6-1: 954403 against joblib
fades/8.1-1: #950858 autorm 3/29
fdroidserver/1.1.6-1: #954395 
meson/0.52.1-1: #952610
natsort/6.0.0-1.2: #950221 new upstream needs packaging autorm 4/13
python-icecream/1.3.1-1: #950847 needs new upstream autorm 3/29
qiime/2019.10.0-1: #950842 autorm 4/13
spades/3.13.1+dfsg-2: 954403 against joblib
vulture/0.21-1.1: #950861 needs new upstream autorm 4/13
xapers/0.8.2-1.1: #954805

Scott K

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