On March 28, 2020 5:10:42 AM UTC, Sergio Durigan Junior <sergi...@debian.org> 
>On Friday, March 27 2020, Håvard Flaget Aasen wrote:
>> On 27.03.2020 20:09, Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
>>> On Friday, March 27 2020, Scott Kitterman wrote:
>>>> The python3-defaults with python3.8 as the default python3 has
>migrated to 
>>>> Testing thanks to the release team hammering things around until it
>>> Thanks for this.
>>>> Most of the outstanding autipkgtest failures with python3.8 were
>fixed either 
>>>> in unstable or in git/BTS.  Here are the remaining issues that
>someone (who 
>>>> isn't me) should have a look at:
>>>> celery/4.2.1-5: #952217 autorm 4/13
>>> FWIW, I looked at this a little bit, but could not make much
>>> I'm very interested in fixing this since it impacts pagure.  I'll
>try to
>>> investigate more this weekend, but if someone else wants to take a
>>> (and let me know), you're more than welcome!
>> I believe I already fixed that package, it's waiting for someone to
>> review and upload it. Did you look at the repository in salsa?
>I had looked at the repository when I was working with the package.
>I see you pushed your changes 2 days ago, but the last time I looked at
>the package was at least 7 days ago.
>Anyhow, I thank you for letting me know, but I am not sure I am
>satisfied with the solution.  You basically disabled the test on Python
>3.8, which obviously works, but doesn't really tell me whether there
>indeed a problem with the package/testcase or not.

I completely agree.  It's just papering over the problem.  It's not in the 
spirit of the Debian Social Contract (#3).

>My approach (failed, so far) was to try and figure out what was
>happening, and then devise a proper fix for it.  My next step was going
>to be to involve upstream in this.
>Would you like to follow up with them and check if they're are aware of
>the failure?  Maybe they already have a proper solution for it.

Upstream should definitely be involved.

Scott K

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