Hi Pablo,

Pablo Mestre <pmdc...@gmail.com> writes:

> Im working on python-language-server

Awesome, thank you :-)  I expect it will be a popular package too!

> but looks like also depends on python-jsonrpc-server and I dont find
> any solution on Debian repositories.
> Any suggestion?

If you're committed to packaging python lsp, then set yourself as the
owner of #96360, and retitle it, replacing "RFP" with "ITP".

If the absence of a python-jsonrpc-server package is a blocker for
#963605, and you want to work on it, then file an ITP for
python-jsonrpc-server, set yourself as owner, and also set up a blocks
relationship between the two bugs.

Tools for doing this more conveniently are "bts" from devscripts, and
"reportbug" for filing the ITP.  IIRC bts requires an MTA (mail
transport agent) and for this I'd recommend msmtp-mta, because most
people find it easier to configure authentication with it than with
Postfix, Exim, etc.

If you'd like to do it manually for now, see:

If you use cont...@bugs.debian.org, please CC the bug's email.

It's also possible to reply to a bug with this magic control server

  Control: command -1 arguments

"-1" is a convenient alias for the bug number.  For more info, see the
man bts(1), the server-control documentation, and Developer's Reference:



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