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> El 7/1/20 a las 10:58 PM, Nicholas D Steeves escribió:
>> Awesome, thank you :-) I expect it will be a popular package too! 
> [.....]
>> If you're committed to packaging python lsp, then set yourself as the
>> owner of #96360[5], and retitle it, replacing "RFP" with "ITP".
> Yes, I committed to packaging
>> If the absence of a python-jsonrpc-server package is a blocker for
>> #963605, and you want to work on it, then file an ITP for
>> python-jsonrpc-server, set yourself as owner, and also set up a blocks
>> relationship between the two bugs.
> You mean
> Control: block 946035 by -1

This blocks the spyder bug with the new bug, and is generally used
from the email that creates a new bug.  Hint: #963605 contains an example


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