I'm upstream maintainer (but not founder) of "backintime".

I realized that most of the tests in my test suite are integration or system tests which are impossible to handle by Debians build server and testing system (how do you name it?). My package do use something like "./configure && make && make test && sudo make install" to test and build. Works fine on a local Debian box.

I would like to have an advice from you as DPT how I should separate my tests into the two categories "run by debian" and "don't run by debian".

One approach in my mind is to add one new make target "make unittests" containing real unittests able to run on Debians build system in a chroot.

Another approach in my mind is asking for environment variables that might exists on a Debian build box? I know this approach from TravisCI and ReadTheDocs.

Or any other idea on your site?


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