On Fri, Jul 28, 2023 at 12:14:33PM +0000, c.bu...@posteo.jp wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm upstream maintainer (but not founder) of "backintime".
> I realized that most of the tests in my test suite are integration or system
> tests which are impossible to handle by Debians build server and testing
> system (how do you name it?).
> My package do use something like "./configure && make && make test && sudo
> make install" to test and build. Works fine on a local Debian box.
> I would like to have an advice from you as DPT how I should separate my
> tests into the two categories "run by debian" and "don't run by debian".
In the context of DPT I would use pytest marks.
For poorer test systems it's possible that there is no answer except
splitting the tests into separate things and providing separate commands
for running those.

> Another approach in my mind is asking for environment variables that might
> exists on a Debian build box? I know this approach from TravisCI and
> ReadTheDocs.
You shouldn't check for Debian-specific envvars in upstream sources.

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