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Or any other idea on your site?
I had a look at the backintime sources, and I noticed that you have
implemented a very unusual (for Python, at least) build system.
There are well-known tools and standard practices in the Python
ecosystem for packaging [1], and much of the Python packaging in
Debian is designed to work well with them.

There are also tools for test isolation such as [2]. Instead of
increasing your workload by maintaining an extra set of tests for
Debian, why not let backintime take advantage of established
practices and tools? Not only will this reduce friction with the
Debian packaging, it will generally make your package more
accessible to other Python developers, which in turn may attract
more people to help fix bugs and keep the software in good shape.


[1] https://packaging.python.org/en/latest/tutorials/packaging-projects/
[2] https://tox.wiki/

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