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Dear Felix,

thanks for the reply.

On 2023-09-17 09:13 Felix Zielcke <fziel...@z-51.de> wrote:
Tracker needs a bit of time to
update all the infos shown. 1-2 days aren't unusual and not directly a
bug in it.

Is there a bug tracker for the tracker?

The term "tracker" indicates just in time and not two days.
A minimal improvement would be to give a timestamp at the tracker site
to indicate the last update of all the information shown.

I do think in interest of the Debian project. I assume it feels
unprofessional to users if things like this happens.

What do you expect?

This is a dashboard to inform maintainer about new version.

What do you mean is unprofessional?

Most of the maintainers are volunteers and work on packaging in their free time.

If the update interval can not be increased then it should be more



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