maybe it depends on my non-nativ English that I'm not able to make
myself clear.

On 2023-09-17 09:56 Mechtilde Stehmann <mechti...@debian.org> wrote:
> What do you expect?

As I told. Information just in time. Within in a delay of 1 or 2 hours
the tracker/dashboard should inform about the new release.
If this is not possible because of technical reasons (server load, etc)
then indicate exactly that with a timestamp to make the reader able to
validate the information in time.

> What do you mean is unprofessional?

That the information the "Debian system" is out dated.
Try to step into the role of a (new) user or a possible contributor.

> Most of the maintainers are volunteers and work on packaging in their 
> free time.

Why do we have to increase the volume of the list with that topic? Can
we just discuss this on an issue tracker about the tracker? ;)
Isn't this what a tracker is for?

I also do this in my free time and try to improve Debian and not only
my own workflow.

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