Hi Praveen,

I see that you are again asking for a blanket ruling, and are still
hoping to rest that ruling on the poorly defined "browserified" term.

Since this approach seems to have resulted in the very slow progress
with this subject to date, might I suggest that you could speed things
up by answering the most obvious questions in advance  e.g.:

  Which specific packages are you requesting an exception for?

  For each package:

    Does it have its full source available in Debian?

    Are the tools to build the source into the output available in
    Debian, and if not what's missing, and what's the prospect of those
    things being packaged.

    To what extent would you say that it would be possible for this to be
    done using tools currently in Debian?

It seems quite likely that the Release managers will want to know at
least that information in order to make a decision, and I'd guess that
you already know most of that, so expecting them to either assemble it
themselves, or ask you for it, or guess at what you really meant, seems
like a waste of their time and effort.

It will also take longer that way (and time is getting short).

Cheers, Phil.
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