In the mean time the hang problem has been fixed, on both the official Hyperion 
and SDL Fish Hyperion forks, and also on my fork of the Spinhawk Hercules 
(; a pull request has been issued).

However, installing Debian 9 directly under Hercules still encounters problems 
with both the CTCI and OSA layer 2 and layer 3 devices. (I will investigate 
this further after my vacation, and try to find and fix the problem.) Only the 
installation of Debian 9 under VM works fine. The resulting Debian 9 works 
fine, also when IPL‘d directly under Hercules.

Peter Jansen

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> On 7 Feb 2018, at 01:25, Jerry Heyman <> wrote:
> I have downloaded the latest Debian 9 DVD ISO for s390x -
> debian-9.3.0-s390x-DVD-1.iso - and the installation hang 
> issue is still present.  Is there an actual solution for Debian 9, or can
> someone point me to where I can download a 
> Debian 8 s390x ISO?
> Thanks!
> jerry
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