I used the April 4 ISO to successfully migrate my Ultra5 to Sparc64.
It should show up in popcon.

However, there remains issues in getting an X desktop running.
I'm looking for any hints on getting a PGX64 ATI card running on this
platform, please.


The radeon driver causes an error unless modeset is disabled, by this
In: /etc/modprobe.d/local.conf
options libata dma=0
options radeon modeset=0

The xserver-xorg-video-mach64 package is not installed by default, yet it
seems to be required for the ATI video hardware.

Another module that is not available in sparc64 is the
It was last available for wheezy.

There are several references to the failure of mach64 module to map mmio
aperture arising from the implementation of security mode in the kernel.
In: /var/log/Xorg.0.log
[    84.251] (II) MACH64(0): Creating default Display subsection in Screen
section "Default Screen Section" for depth/fbbpp 24/32
[    84.251] (==) MACH64(0): Depth 24, (--) framebuffer bpp 32
[    84.252] (==) MACH64(0): Using XAA acceleration architecture
[    84.252] (EE) Unable to map mmio aperture. Invalid argument (22)
[    84.252] (WW) MACH64: Mach64 in slot 2:1:0 could not be detected!
[    84.252] (II) UnloadModule: "mach64"
[    84.253] (EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration.

Regards, Phillip
Phillip Stevens

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