>>>> So as a next step, I'm going to try to get aSparkle GeForce 9500 GT
>>>> 512MB PCI video card working.
>> Well I can't even get recognition that the card is on present the PCI bus.
>> So there is a time to give up and do something profitable.
>> That is now.
> What does that mean? Does the card show up when you run "lspci" on Linux?

Doesn't show up in OpenFirmware. Doesn't show up in lspci or lshw.
Doesn't appear in dmesg. Not even a hint.

I can only guess that it is not actually 5V 33MHz 32bit PCI.
Otherwise there'd be something. Right?

> I don't have anything at hand at the moment. But I also wouldn't be giving
> up on the nVidia board already. FWIW, I don't think we need to rely on
> OpenFirmware to recognize the card. The kernel should be able to find it
> once its running.

Yes. You would have thought. Perhaps a bus mismatch as above?
I tried the card (some years ago) in a PC and it worked fine.
Anyway, another day.

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