>> So as a next step, I'm going to try to get aSparkle GeForce 9500 GT 512MB
>> PCI video card working.

Well I can't even get recognition that the card is on present the PCI bus.
So there is a time to give up and do something profitable.
That is now.

> So, in case the nVidia card doesn't work, you might have more luck
> with a Radeon device on Linux.

Is there a specific recommendation, or specification, since I'll be on Ebay
for a solution?  Beyond the obvious:
 - 5V.
 - 33MHz.
 - as recent as possible.

> You should be able to install it with "apt install grub2" and it should set up
> everything automatically.

Yes. Done. But there's no noticeable impact on the system.
Probably there is a reconfiguration step missing.

> We are in the process of phasing out SILO, so we need to test GRUB
> on as many SPARCs as possible to see whether there aren't any
> compatibility issues.

Well the installation went perfectly, and the package is installed.
But, SILO is still running the boot. There's no mention of GRUB
in any of the logs.

Not sure what I missed.


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