> I agree. I haven't had the time yet to upstream my patch to Qt yet. There
> are a couple of other issues in upstream Qt code that I wanted to fix.

In the meantime, are you going to push a patch to the Debian repo, or do you
need any help?

> It's a binutils bug: https://sourceware.org/ml/binutils/2018-08/msg00138.html
> Upstream intentionally removed a.out and coff support. I protested, it didn't 
> help.

Is a.out really required for the grub payload? I couldn't find anything in the
specification you linked that says it is, except for FCode executables (which
I assume grub-iee1275 isn't).

In any case, I understand that they want to avoid bit rot, but removing coff
and a.out is pushing it a bit. Any chance that it gets restored?

>> Also, someone should make V4 JIT sparc64 compatible: https://wiki.qt.io/V4
>> May or may not be a big task.
> So, another Javascript engine in this world which will use the braindead
> concept of tagged pointers which assumes a 48-bit virtual address space?

You should have told them that before they implemented it that way. ;)

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