On 08/11/2018 01:12 AM, Gregor Riepl wrote:
> The resulting boot.img is identical to the one installed by
> grub-ieee1275-bin_2.02+dfsg1-4 - that looks promising!
> This means we have at least a method to build the boot code without a.out
> support in objcopy.

Sounds good. Thanks for testing.

> I also looked into making OpenBoot run the ELF binary
> directly, but that seems impossible for an unexpected reason: boot.img is
> written directly into the boot sector of the /boot partition, and there is
> simply not enough space to accommodate the ELF binary. It's 816 bytes, while
> the a.out is exactly 512.

I think the elftoaout solution is fine.

> I'll discuss integrating the change with the grub2 package maintainer and
> upstream, if that's ok for you. And I'll take a look at the sparc-utils
> package, maybe making it build for any instead of just sparc64 (as discussed).

I think upstream would have to incorporate elftoaout into their sources
so they don't depend on external, obscure tools.


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